Wonder Mop (#2000)

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  1. Libman

    Libman Administrator

    America’s #1 best-selling twist mop. Its new wringer cup maximizes wringing power and is easier to twist.
    Product Features:
    • Electrostatic powder coated steel handle with LLDPE molded hanger tip
    • No slip hand grip
    • Polypropylene molded wringer cup and grip
    • Non-woven premium synthetic material with microfiber on outer strips
    Consumer Benefits:
    • Power wringer removes more water, allowing floors to dry faster
    • Wring out water by sliding and twisting the sleeve over the mop head, the more you twist, the more water wrings out
    • Microfiber GRIPSTRIPS lift 20% more stubborn dirt
    • Extra absorbent mop head
    • Works great on all hard floor surfaces
    • Machine washable up to 50 times
    • Can by used for surfaces other than floors, simply reach and clean tall surfaces such as cabinets and the top of your refrigerator
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  2. Effie G.

    Effie G. New Member

    My family has been using the Wonder Mop for years! It's our go to for cleaning up big messes.
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  3. Jen

    Jen Libman Family Blogger

    My favorite! We have used this baby for as long as I have been mopping :) 16+ years!