What's on your cleaning playlist?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by gcook, Apr 14, 2015.

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  1. gcook

    gcook Administrator

    Music sets the mood for all occasions, even cleaning. What songs should I add to my cleaning playlist?
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  2. MeganLorraine

    MeganLorraine Working Mom

    We have a Pandora playlist called "Imagination Movers". It's a bunch of kids songs mixed in with songs from that TV show! It's for young kids, but not "baby" aged.
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  3. Carter Thorson

    Carter Thorson New Member

    Zippity doo da!!!
    or christmas music
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  4. Brooke

    Brooke Member

    Spotify! Depends on my mood, but I usually like to dance my way through the cleaning.
  5. CrazyCatLady

    CrazyCatLady New Member

    Pandora has a great station called Laid Back Beach Music. It's great for a relaxing playlist that makes you feel like you are in the islands (almost).
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  6. Mr. Big

    Mr. Big Seasoned Charmer

    I like putting on some tunes from iTune's podcasts because I have the music connected throughout the whole house. Nothing like continuing the momentum as you make your way through the home. P.s. I listen to electronic music because it's so much more energetic.
  7. Kristi

    Kristi Libman Family Blogger

    Anything with a lot of bass that I can dance too. If I'm dancing and cleaning at the same time, I don't feel like I'm actually cleaning and more gets done around here. We have Pandora on our TV with surround so I usually go to my Hardwell, Tiësto or Bassnectar radio to get the house cleaned & a workout too (dancing). :)
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  8. Mr. Big

    Mr. Big Seasoned Charmer

    haha, your post made me think of this video

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  9. gcook

    gcook Administrator

    Being originally from Virginia, I usually go for a country playlist either on Spotify or Pandora. Always seems to put me in a good mood. Bonus points when it's warm enough to open the windows.
  10. Kristi

    Kristi Libman Family Blogger

    HAHA Mr. Big! That's totally me! :)
  11. BethP

    BethP New Member

    I have a great "motivational" playlist that I blast through my home theater system from the Cloud Player in Amazon. Its full of 80's, 90's and some new upbeat stuff. Nothin like groovin and cleanin!
  12. Mr. Big

    Mr. Big Seasoned Charmer

    I hope I'm not aging myself here -- but does anyone remember this:

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  13. JuliaG

    JuliaG Libman Family Blogger

    One of my favorite movies!!
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  14. Katharina

    Katharina New Member

    'Every little thing is gonna be alright' on repeat helps me clean. Probably because it's the only song that soothes my 3 month old. I'm assuming he was Jamaican in his past life. Hey, whatever lets me clean up a bit works for me.
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