Using Positive Reinforcement To Get Kids To Do Chores!

Discussion in 'Family Chat' started by Tough Cookie Mommy, May 13, 2015.

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    If you are like most moms, it can sometimes be challenging to motivate your children to complete their chores. After all, who likes to willingly do housework? My two sons are no exceptions to the rule and they often have to be reminded to clean their rooms or pick up their clothing off the floor. As an educator, I have seen first hand how using positive reinforcement in the classroom motivates students to excel academically. Due to this, I decided to try it at home to get my boys to do their chores.

    It's important to assign chores to your children that are age appropriate. My sons are ages nine and eleven so I try to give each one his own specific tasks to complete. In our home, our eleven year-old is in charge of cleaning up after the dog and washing their school uniforms. On the other hand, our nine year-old is responsible for cleaning up the dinner table after the family eats and picking up the living-room. I've worked out a chore chart whereby they receive points for completing these chores daily that they can accumulate and use towards purchasing items or treats at some of our local stores.

    Since implementing this rewards system, you wouldn't believe how quickly both of my sons get to completing their chores! It's amazing how a little incentive can motivate them to be so productive. I also like this reward structure because it teaches them the value of earning in exchange for completing a day's work. These are skills that they will need as they grow older and venture out into the workforce. They know, when they are spending their points, that they earned them and there is a certain satisfaction that comes from reaping the benefits of their labor.

    Let's Discuss: How do you encourage your children to complete chores in your home?
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    Nothing like a little motivation!