Tornado Mop (#2030)

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    A yarn/string style twist mop, ranked #1 nationally in IRI data
    Product Features:
    • Electrostatic powder coated steel handle with LLDPE molded hanger tip
    • Polypropylene molded middle grip and wringer
    • 100% synthetic yarn mop head
    Consumer Benefits:
    • The grip n’ click ratchet wrings more water
    • The ratcheting wringing mechanism locks and holds with each twist
    • Easy to use, easy to change, no buttons
    • Wringing mechanism on the Tornado Mop® is incredibly simple, the unique ratchet design allows for maximum wringing without the hassle of release buttons or the annoying tendency of a normal mop head to flip back
    • Hands never touch the water
    • Machine washable mop head
    • 3 green bands prevent tangling
    • Larger mop head covers 50% more surface area
    • Polyester yarn resists odor causing bacteri