TODAY SHOW: Cleaning Hacks

Discussion in 'Cleaning Chat' started by gcook, May 4, 2015.

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  1. gcook

    gcook Administrator

    Over the weekend, the Today Show shared ten cleaning hacks - most of which I have never heard before. Here are some highlights:
    1. Remove stubborn stains from baking sheet with a dryer sheet
    2. Dust blinds using a clean sock
    3. Use wax paper to prevent water spots on chrome faucets
    4. Have your blender clean itself with a little dish soap and water
    5. Make cleaning your oven easier with a bowl of ammonia
    6. Get into tight spots with your vacuum using refurbished toilet paper roll
    7. Run out of dusting solution? Grab a dryer sheet.
    8. Remove sweater fuzz balls with an old razor
    9. A Q-Tip of petroleum jelly can make scuff marks disappear
    10. Get tough grease off of stove grates with a Ziploc bag and ammonia
    Check out the article on for details on each of these tips & tricks.

    Happy cleaning!
  2. MeganLorraine

    MeganLorraine Working Mom

    Number 4 is great! Why didn't I think or that?
    Also, using a dryer sheet to wipe down picture frames repels the dust for longer!