Tips & Tricks

  1. CUSTOMER TIP #129
    from Polly in Jonesboro, AR

    Before sweeping, I spray my broom with window cleaner to keep pet hair and dust from drifting away from the pile. I also spray a little on my dust pan to help the dirt stay put.
  2. CUSTOMER TIP #145
    from M.J. R. in Dallas, TX

    Use a Libman broom to sweep away dirt from the edges of carpet stairs. Then vacuum it. Also do this along the edges of the carpet in each room.
  3. CUSTOMER TIP #274
    from Denise C. in Greenville, SC

    When sweeping hardwood floors, make sure to start off with a clean broom. Using a dirty broom can not only spread germs but also scratch your precious wood floors.
  4. CUSTOMER TIP #283
    from Carol S. in Louisville, KY

    After sweeping up from cats and dogs the best way to clean the bottom of the broom is to take it outside and sweep the pavement just once and your broom is just like brand new.
  5. CUSTOMER TIP #286
    from Gregory W. in Cincinnati, OH

    When a broom gets a broken handle, or when the bristles get too worn to use in the house, don’t throw it out. Cutting the handle to about 2’ long will allow you to get into places normal brooms don’t go. Great to clean out the mini-van or SUV, or even cleaning closets and shelves out where the long handle won’t fit.
  6. CUSTOMER TIP #289
    from Carole S. in Dayton, NV

    I own a housekeeping company and the less you bend, the more time you have to clean. To quick clean your sliding door tracks use your Libman Large Angle Broom to sweep out dust and then your Libman Wonder Mop to wash track. Also works on your front door riser. The Libman Wonder Mop is the only mop I will use, I throw it in the washer and dryer after each use, to kill all germs before reusing.
  7. CUSTOMER TIP #293
    from Beverly P. in Reading, MI

    I have your 24” Indoor/Outdoor Push Broom. I have 3 indoor cats. My vacuum was being repaired and there was a lot of fur on my carpet, so I got the broom and pulled it toward me as I backed across the room. Then I lifted it up to remove the fur and was shocked at the amount of fur it had picked up. Now I use it first every day and then run the vacuum.
  8. CUSTOMER TIP #295
    from Rob F. in Ottawa, IL

    I use an 18” Libman Multi-Surface Push Broom as a large scrub brush to scrub both high and low areas of aluminum or vinyl siding.
  9. CUSTOMER TIP #318
    from Christina M. in Amanda, OH

    I have laminate floors and use the Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop but saw the Libman Hardwood Roller Mop refill in the grocery store so I bought it to try. You can use it without having to wet it and it picks up dirt really well. So I use it as a second broom. When wet, it also attracts a lot of the dirt that the other mops don’t. It also lasts a lot longer and the best thing is it also seems to dry faster.
  10. CUSTOMER TIP #320
    from Vickie M. in Collinsville, MS

    I bought an extra Libman broom to take camping. It makes for fast & thorough cleanup at the campsite, without having to clean up everything when we get home.
  11. Customer Tip #323
    from Donna C. in Audubon, NJ

    I have a Libman wide angle broom to help brush off all the snow that has accumulated on my car's windshield. It's a lot quicker and my hands and gloves stay dry!
  12. Customer Tip #326
    from Dawn G. in Plymouth, IL

    To collect pet hair off a hard wood or no wax floor, lightly mist the Libman angle broom bristles with water from a misting spray bottle. Then sweep as normal, the pet hair with sweep up much easier and won't float away when you sweep.
  13. Customer Tip #335
    from Kirsten v. in Ojai, CA

    When we moved from the Pacific Northwest into California, our Chow-Retriever mix started shedding a lot of hair. The saving grace has been my discovery of the Libman Spray Mop. I go over all the floors with it each morning, throw all the gathered dog hair into the compost heap and then shake the removable pad outside. Once a week I toss the removable pad into the washer. It's very easy on the environment and on me.
  14. Customer Tip #351
    from Raymond D. in Cherry Hill, NJ

    I use the Libman 18" Multi-Surface Broom and a spray bottle of water. When sweeping up a dusty floor, just lightly push the broom 2-3 times forward and then gingerly mist the pile with a little bit of water and the dust no longer becomes airborne, it stays on the ground.
  15. Customer Tip #378 - Muddy floors
    from Karen K. in Aledo, TX

    When the dogs track mud through the house - I wait till it dries -then sweep the dried clumps and then use my mop. This way I am not smearing even more dirt.