Tips & Tricks

  1. Customer Tip #358
    from Patsy B. in Brooksville, FL

    I use my squeegee to clean my mirrors instead of paper towels. It cuts down on streaks and time!
  2. Customer Tip #359
    from Marta H. in Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Scrub in circles instead of long strokes. Easier on the arms and fun, too!
  3. Customer Tip #360
    from Robin M. in Lakeview, MI

    Love to spray my "Libman Freedom Floor Duster" with dusting spray to dust down my walls once a month to keep the dust down in the winter months when the furnace runs...
  4. Customer Tip #362
    from Lynette A. in Alvin, TX

    I have all stainless steel appliances. I use the Libman sponges to clean the surface, going with the grain and circles of the surface. I use the Wonderfiber Cloth to apply the polish. I have found going against the grain, applies a much smoother, no streak shine.
  5. Customer Tip #367
    from Melissa B. in Vermilion, OH

    When cleaning your ceiling fan blades, use a Microfiber Cloth with the Libman Hardwood Spot Cleaner and your fan blades will not only shine and look wonderful but will keep the dust at bay longer. So you don't have to clean them as often.
  6. Customer Tip #369 - Clean Flat Screens
    from Dawn K. in Centereach, NY

    Lightly dampen a Libman Wonderfiber™ Cloth with water and wipe your flat screen from left to right in broad strokes. It will clean off all the dirt and grime without removing the protective coating on your phone, tablet, laptop, monitor or tv.
  7. Customer Tip #376 - Dampen, don't spread dust
    from Rhonda B. in Joliet, MT

    Lightly dampen your Libman sponge to wipe away dust, it will not spread into the air.
  8. Customer Tip #379 - Save Your Knees!
    from Angela S. in Aurora, CO

    Use a Libman #122 No Knees Floor Scrub and no more scrubbing the floor on all fours. It was just what I needed. I didn't know it existed until I was walking down the aisle at my local big box hardware store and there it was--the answer to my unasked question. A pointy scrub brush on a stick. Get one and save your knees and your back and scrub those hard to reach corners too! Take the chore out of cleaning the floor.
  9. Customer Tip #380 - Hardwood Floor Polish and Protector
    from Scott M. in Oak Harbor, OH

    My hardwood floor had scratches from my sons dog. I used the #2055 Hardwood Floor Polish and Protector with the microfiber mop and it took the scratches out and the floor looks great. I will use this product again and the cleaner also.
  10. Customer Tip #382 - Cleaning with the roller mop
    from Caroline B. in Nacogdoches, TX

    I really like the roller mop, I use it to clean so any things besides the kitchen. It does wonders to remove pet hair from carpet. I also use it to wash walls.