Tips & Tricks

  1. CUSTOMER TIP #299
    from Scott B. in Benbrook, TX

    My Libman Swivel Duster is PERFECT for getting rid of all the cob webs and dead insects that cling to outdoor light fixtures and walls. And with its long handle and swiveling brush head, it’s SO easy to get into corners, as well as the tops of door & window frames. I LOVE IT!
  2. CUSTOMER TIP #300
    from HARSH W. in Spring, TX

    Libman dustpans and brushes are light, unbreakable and easy to use . They have multiple uses, dustpans can be used for spreading dirt in garden beds and are easily washable for quick clean up. Brushes can be used for cleaning shirt collars, tile grout, and many other uses in the kitchen, bathroom and outdoors.
  3. CUSTOMER TIP #301
    from John O. in Bronx, NY

    Did you ever have streaks and film on glass and mirrors that would not come off? Use Libman microfiber towels and any non ammonia glass cleaner. Literally wet the surface, wipe the area quickly with the microfiber towel then turn towel to a dry side and give the glass a light quick polish. Never fails!
  4. CUSTOMER TIP #302
    from donna h. in sterling, OH

    When we moved into our new home, all the walls needed washed down so I used a Libman mop. No climbing up and down, no bending, it worked great and saved lots of time!!!!
  5. CUSTOMER TIP #308
    from Sandy S. in Katy, TX

    I never could get windows clean without a lot of streaks, so I bought a Libman Wonderfiber™ Cloth and thought I would try it. I have used other microfiber cloths and still got streaks. I used the Wonderfiber™ Cloth by getting it wet with just water, went over the glass door and used a dry one to wipe it off. Wow, was I surprised! It worked great and the best part of it was I had no streaks.
  6. CUSTOMER TIP #309
    from Martha S. in Salem, SD

    I bought my Libman grout brushes for grout cleaning but have found it works really well to clean soil from under my nails. The bristles are strong and compact enough to do a super job after pulling and weeding in the garden. I have one for grout and a second one for my nails.
  7. CUSTOMER TIP #315
    from Barbara R. in Brunswick, GA

    The Wonderfiber™ Cloth is the most wonderful cloth I have ever used!! It shines my glasstop stove beautifully, by just wiping with the cloth wet and then going back over it with the cloth a little dryer.
  8. CUSTOMER TIP #317
    from Cathy M. in Triadelphia, WV

    I spray a multi-surface spray on my Libman Microfiber Floor Mop to clean the wood walls of our log home. I can reach without a stool because of the long handle. The mop makes cleaning the walls easy!
  9. CUSTOMER TIP #319
    from Elizabeth K. in Independence, IA

    I use my Libman mop to clean my shower, regular sized bathtubs, and my deep soaking tub. I bought two mop heads and marked one for the floor and the other for tub & shower. Using the mop to clean the tub and shower saves my knees and back. It works great on the tub and shower floor and walls!
  10. CUSTOMER TIP #321
    from Tami E. in Hemlock, MI

    While closing my pool up for the year, I found the best way to get those little bugs and stuff off that stick to the inside liner of your swimming pool, a clean Libman mop. They wipe off easy and is a much easier way than using a scrub brush.
  11. Customer Tip #328
    from Dawn G. in Plymouth, IL

    If you have a problem getting cat or dog hair that is real fine off furniture, I have a sure fire way to get it. Take your Libman Scrub Brush and mist lightly with water, then brush in one direction removing the hair from brush when it gets full. This has worked great for me when nothing else takes the hair off.
  12. Customer Tip #330
    from Amber U. in Valparaiso, IN

    Libman Flexible Microfiber Duster is the ONLY thing I have managed to be able to clean my popcorn ceilings with. Everything else makes the popcorn fall off and make a super big mess over everything.
  13. Customer Tip #332
    from Julie T. in Ferguson, MO

    It is easy to just use a Libman Scrub Brush on carpeted stairs. No water, just brings up the dog hair fast and you don't have to lug a vacuum up the stairs.
  14. Customer Tip #334
    from Shellie M. in Hobe Sound, FL

    I use a Microfiber cloth to dust all bathroom surfaces before using a cleaning solution. This simple step makes clean up so much easier! All of surface dust and dirt are removed, so I can focus on sanitizing and removing the set in grime. Works great for baseboards too!
  15. Customer Tip #335
    from Kirsten v. in Ojai, CA

    When we moved from the Pacific Northwest into California, our Chow-Retriever mix started shedding a lot of hair. The saving grace has been my discovery of the Libman Spray Mop. I go over all the floors with it each morning, throw all the gathered dog hair into the compost heap and then shake the removable pad outside. Once a week I toss the removable pad into the washer. It's very easy on the environment and on me.
  16. Customer Tip #337
    from Linda J. in Wytheville, VA

    Soak a Libman cloth in olive oil and lemon juice and wring it out well. This is the best furniture polish I have ever used! When I am done I seal it in a ziploc bag for the next time I need it. This works great and goes a long way.
  17. Customer Tip #340
    from Sherie H. in Huntington Beach, CA

    I keep a Libman toilet brush on a hook next to the dryer to clean the fine layer of lint that gets embedded into the lint screen. Just swipe the lint screen clean into the trash!
  18. Customer Tip #342
    from Irene M. in Old Bethpage, NY

    The Libman Curved Handle Dish Brush is useful in cleaning baseboard radiator fins. The bristles are soft enough not to damage the delicate fins yet sturdy enough to scrub away any compacted dust. The short handle enables me to better get around the center radiator pipe to clean back and underneath areas.
  19. Customer Tip #353
    from Kimberley N. in Saint James, NY

    It's that time again- my dogs are shedding non-stop and the fur is out of control! Before I reach for the vacuum, I reach for my Libman Freedom Floor Duster. I do a quick preliminary sweep to collect the big fur dust bunnies. This way, I don't need to change the vacuum bag so often. Thanks Libman!
  20. Customer Tip #357
    from Marianne Z. in Browns Mills, NJ

    I wash my walls with the Libman Spray Mop before I paint them, works great.