Tips & Tricks

  1. CUSTOMER TIP #245
    from Mary O. in Hamlin, NY

    After I finish cooking on the stove and before I sit down to eat, I spray the top of the stove with a good degreaser. Then when the meal is through, all it takes is one wipe to the stove and it’s sparkling!
  2. CUSTOMER TIP #246
    from Janet P. in Waynesburg, PA

    If your built in stainless steel stove top has scratches from cleaning, use your automobile cream polish. Wipe on, let sit to a haze, and wipe off. Repels water marks and protects the surface.
  3. CUSTOMER TIP #247
    from Heather K. in Colorado Springs, CO

    Has your husband ever burnt everything to the stove top while you were out of town? Instead of scrubbing with Brillo, Comet, or anything else and wasting all of that elbow grease, just spray oven cleaner on the stove top. Let set for about an hour and then rinse the grime away! (Caution: Do not spray the oven cleaner towards lit pilot lights. It is flammable.)
  4. CUSTOMER TIP #252
    from Steven V. in Brooklyn, NY

    Using your Libman Gator Mop, a paint tray and Murphy Oil Soap, you can clean all of your wood paneling in minutes. Dilute your Murphy Oil Soap with water according to directions. Saturate your mop, wring it out, and simply wipe down your wood walls, baseboards and floors.
  5. CUSTOMER TIP #253
    from Melinda S. in Mesa, AZ

    I use my Gator Mop on the baseboards and walls before using it on the floor with a twin bucket of cleaning solution and rinse water. The squeeze of the gator mop keeps the sponge just moist enough to clean without dripping and is strong enough to get the dirt without having to get a separate scrub brush.
  6. CUSTOMER TIP #254
    from Maryann B. in Forked River, NJ

    I use my Wonder Mop to clean my air vents up on the wall. Just spray the dry mop lightly with water or cleaner, then rub over the vents. The mop ringers go right into the vents and works great to remove dust.
  7. CUSTOMER TIP #255
    from Victoria H. in Seven Points, TX

    Spring cleaning is made easier if you fill your sink with 1 cup of ammonia to approximately one gallon of water. Dip in your very clean Libman sponge mop, remove all excess solution, and then mop your walls. This removes cigarette smoke stain, natural gas film, and even propane stains with ease. No rinsing is required if you keep the mop dry enough.
  8. CUSTOMER TIP #256
    from Sheryl M. in Durand, MI

    I use my Libman mop to clean walls. It is so much easier to reach the highest point on the wall and is easier to scrub hard.
  9. CUSTOMER TIP #257
    from Mary E. in Flemington, NJ

    Use a fresh dry mop sprayed with lysol and sprinkled with baking soda to clean wallpapered walls. It works like a charm!
  10. CUSTOMER TIP #258
    from Cheryl S. in Newmarket, NH

    For easier wallpaper removal, mix 1 part liquid fabric softener and 4 parts water. Dip your Libman mop in the solution, then wash and wet the wallpaper to be removed (you need to soak the wall). You will be able to easily remove all old wallpaper. The mop holds just the right amount of liquid to easily wet the walls. Great for washing walls too.
  11. CUSTOMER TIP #259
    from Tami T. in Palmdale, CA

    For streak free windows and an absolutely great shine, use the following recipe: 1/2 cup ammonia, 1/2 cup white vinegar, 2 tablespoons cornstarch, and 1 bucket of warm water.
  12. CUSTOMER TIP #262
    from Monica B. in Nashua, NH

    Use rubbing alcohol to get sticky stuff off windows or mirrors.
  13. CUSTOMER TIP #267
    from Donna S. in Rochester, MN

    To clean the smoky, burnt on residue from the glass doors on your fireplace or wood burning stove: Dip a damp paper towel in ashes and use them to clean the glass. I also use the ashes from our fireplace to clean the glass window on our gas grill.
  14. CUSTOMER TIP #275
    from Joyce w. in Macon, GA

    Use the Libman small scrub brush and the 3 in 1 big dipper to clean infants toys. Use the inner bucket to collect small toys and keep them germ free by washing everyday with the small scrub brush.
  15. CUSTOMER TIP #278
    from Shirley B. in Owings Mills, MD

    Use the no knees floor scrub brush when cleaning around the woodwork area in your home. It eliminates alot of back and knee pain for those who can not get down on their knees or have bad backs.
  16. CUSTOMER TIP #284
    from Alex L. in Oak Creek, WI

    Use the Libman small scrubber and brush over your fabric furniture before you vacuum to bring the ground in dirt to the top.
  17. CUSTOMER TIP #288
    from PEG M. in N.FT.MYERS, FL

    I use coffee filters to clean glass, chrome and stainless steel faucets. They are inexpensive and work like a charm. P.S. If the window or glass is dusty, dust first then use the coffee filter.
  18. CUSTOMER TIP #292
    from Kathy G. in Spencer, IN

    My house has wallpaper everywhere. Instead of getting out the pails of water and cleaner and rag, I get out my Libman soft bristle scrub brush and take my favorite spray cleaner and spray and scrub with the soft bristle brush. Then I wipe the wall section cleaned with a soft cloth. No damage to the wall paper. The brush really gets in the texture of the paper where dirt and dust like to hide, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms. I love these scrub brushes!
  19. CUSTOMER TIP #297
    from suzanne g. in dover, NJ

    I have a small maintenance company. The Libman Tornado Mop is my mop of choice. To clean often ignored door frames, I use a fresh mop, dip it in hot water and mild disinfectant, ring out well and run it along the tops of door ways, windows and arches. It works great with minimum effort. All debris hits the floor and gets cleaned up when the floors are done.
  20. CUSTOMER TIP #298
    from Connie S. in Moore, SC

    I was amazed at what a wonderful job the Wonderfiber™ cloth did. I not only used it to clean countertops, but also the shower and tub. It cleaned so well that I got another one to clean the inside of my car, as well as using it to wash my car. I was surprised how sturdy the cloth really was and that it held up to all this cleaning. I threw it in the washer, and I have already used it again. I now have one for the inside and one for outside use. It also saves on using paper towels!!!