So you have a wickless candle warmer at home and all the hot wax what?

Discussion in 'Cleaning Chat' started by Marina, Apr 23, 2015.

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  1. Marina

    Marina Libman Family Blogger

    So this happened to me one morning a few months ago...
    My elbow banged against our Scentsy warmer in the bathroom and the result was anything but comforting!
    Once the panic settled I remember reading about an easy clean up solution that DOES NOT involve a butter knife and hours of scraping!!...
    A hairdryer and paper napkins!!

    Grab your hair-dryer and some paper napkins and get to work.
    Switch on your hair-dryer to the maximum heat and allow it to blow over the dried wax area. The wax will begin to melt in just a few seconds. As it melts away, wipe up the wet wax with your paper napkin.
    Work patiently and soon you will have your once wax-splattered surface looking as good as new.

    Has this happened to you?

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  2. gcook

    gcook Administrator

    I live in an apartment that does not allow candles, so my alternative has been the wax warmers. This is definitely a fear I have, especially with a puppy running around. I hope I don't have to experience this, but will keep this tip handy in case it does.

    Follow up question: Does this hack work if the wax spills on to carpet or just on hard surfaces?
  3. Marina

    Marina Libman Family Blogger

    This works on carpets too. I have beige carpets and a red wax spill looks anything but cool on the same. Just get that hairdryer out and as soon as the wax starts to melt, gently dab the area with your paper towel.
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  4. Brooke

    Brooke Member

    This is amazing, thank you! I'm moving tomorrow and I was nervous my deposit was going to be cut short because of the wax.