Scared of the Vacuum!

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Has your child ever been scared of a vacuum?

  1. Yes! They still are! Help!

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  2. Used to be!

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  3. Never had that happen...

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  1. MeganLorraine

    MeganLorraine Working Mom

    Once upon a time, my son was TERRIFIED of the vacuum. He would run, screaming to the couch if the vacuum was even in the room. If the vacuum was on, he had to be snuggled up in someone's lap. It didn't help that his father, finding this hilarious, would tease him by getting close or making sudden lunges.

    So how did we get over this?
    It took a while. We started with the vacuum off, letting his touch it, comforting him, and sometimes using a little forceful encouragement. Eventually, we told him it was more like a pet and friend who helps clean up the floor so he doesn't have to do all the work. He would still run for cover while it was on, but he would come over to pet it for a "job well done" after the chore (small success!). It took time and a little bit of force, but we were able to encourage him to even push the vacuum while it was on. Getting one of those "kid popper vacuums" helped a little because he could "do the chore" on his own for fun and understand how the process worked.

    These days he gets excited to get the vacuum out, runs around scared while picking up toys before they get sucked up, and then runs onto the couch and waits with a smile. But now, it's only because Daddy might run over his little toes! :)

    How did you deal with a child scared of a vacuum?
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