Q9. What is one piece of parenting advice you would give?

Discussion in 'Libman Chat' started by Libman, Jun 10, 2015.

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  1. Libman

    Libman Administrator

    You know what they say: It takes a village to raise a child. What is one piece of parenting advice you wish you had known?
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  2. Erin Dear

    Erin Dear Active Member

    A9 Unplug yourself and your family and spend quality time enjoying each other #cleaningasafamily
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  3. Angela Hendricks

    Angela Hendricks Well-Known Member

    A9 Be patient, and try to have fun with cleaning so your kids won't hate it #CleaningAsAFamily
  4. Jen M

    Jen M Libman Family Blogger

    Let them be little. <3
  5. rose lew

    rose lew Active Member

    A9 Don't feel like you need to be superman/woman. Ask for help and you be surprise how much everyone will like to help out.
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  6. AMarieL

    AMarieL Member

    Just one? Teach your kids to clean with you when they are young. You'll get to spend more time with them while teaching them how to clean.
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  7. Have fun in everything you do.
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  8. Meena R

    Meena R Member

    Take it all in stride. Kids will be kids and while it's important to make sure to discipline when needed, it's also important to just let go and have some fun sometimes. Don't sweat the small stuff and it will all be so much easier! #CleaningAsAFamily
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  9. lynda

    lynda Member

    Start early even with little silly things in the end they don't mind helping and later on its just habit and flows without a problem
  10. Erin Dear

    Erin Dear Active Member

    A9 Help your kids reach their dreams #cleaningasafamily
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  11. Oanh

    Oanh Member

    don't let them sleep with cellphone in the same room because they'll end up surfing the internet at night
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  12. lynda

    lynda Member

    Well in my case that's how it worked out.
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  13. A9 - Electronics were not an issue when I was a kid. Now the kids have all manner of gadgets and that's okay as long as they respect family time.
  14. Paige Henke

    Paige Henke Member

    Don't feel bad needing to venting to friends. Sometimes you need to let it out and your kids won't know. (As long as you do it when they are not around - work is perfect for this.... )
  15. AngelaNicole

    AngelaNicole Member

    Q9: patience......remember that they aren't the co worker, boyfriend, friend, etc...children need to be TALKED to not scolded.
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  16. Avis Tucker

    Avis Tucker Well-Known Member

    I like this question! A9) I wish I had known not to be so hard on myself when I first had my child. I am such a perfectionist and used to feel like I should have gotten more things done regarding household chores---only to realize now, for being a single parent, I did exceptionally well and then some! ;) #CleaningAsAFamily #High5ForSass!
  17. ChristinaC08

    ChristinaC08 Member

    I'm guilty of this, but I really try...slow down and let your child/children help with small things. It's so easy for us to go about our daily routine and quickly empty the dishwasher, but kids want to help, at least my son does. It can be frustrating to stop and wait for them to put the silverware away or switch the laundry because it takes a bit longer or it isn't perfect, but it gives them joy and pride to do things like that. I have to remind myself constantly that my son is learning and these mundane tasks are actually exciting to him!
  18. itsbecslife

    itsbecslife Well-Known Member

    Don't forget to have fun! It may be stressful at times, but when the times get tough, take a step back and a breather!
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  19. Paige Henke

    Paige Henke Member

    Needing to vent*
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  20. Marine Mama B

    Marine Mama B Member

    Don't give in. They have to follow the rules or face the consequences. If that means they are grounded during the time the spring dance rolls around, no dance. It usually only takes once. I do have a strong willed one, different tactics work on him. I won't wash his clothes, or do something for him. Eventually he will do it.
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  21. itsbecslife

    itsbecslife Well-Known Member

    I agree, you need to have patience and an open mind
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