Q4. How do your kids react to doing chores?

Discussion in 'Libman Chat' started by Libman, Jun 10, 2015.

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  1. Libman

    Libman Administrator

    Wouldn’t chores be a piece of cake if all kids were happy about doing them? How do your children feel about chores?
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  2. Erin Dear

    Erin Dear Active Member

    A4 they usually do not complain, they like helping mom #CleaningAsAFamily
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  3. The grew up doing chores with me and thing nothing of it. It is not a beloved activity but they understand it is not an optional one.
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  4. Angela Hendricks

    Angela Hendricks Well-Known Member

    My six year old does not care for doing his chores, but if we give him some money at the end of the week, it helps to motivate him :)
  5. AngelaNicole

    AngelaNicole Member

    Q4: doesn't bother my child as long as it is FUN and we are doing it TOGETHER.
  6. itsbecslife

    itsbecslife Well-Known Member

    They don't like them, but they know that doing their chores will result in them having more time to have fun and they will even earn special gifts/prizes along the way!
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  7. Marine Mama B

    Marine Mama B Member

    They didn't mind the smaller things when they were younger, as they got older it was a battle at times, now they do it because it needs done. Well two do, the other is still stubborn.
  8. rose lew

    rose lew Active Member

    A4- When you start them off early as kids it becomes second nature. I wouldn't say keeping their room spotless, but tidy is okay by me
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  9. Avis Tucker

    Avis Tucker Well-Known Member

    A4) It just depends on how he feels. Kids are moody. But, if that incentive is right... he moves much better and gets the tasks done. ;) Funny thing is, I think every kid (to include myself, when I was a child) had moments of never wanting to do their chores. At the end of the day my son (nor I as a child) could do anything I wanted until my tasks were done. So, putting things off just prolongs the inevitable. #CleaningAsAFamily
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  10. A4 - It took time but now there's not much griping as they know that they have to do them.
  11. AMarieL

    AMarieL Member

    It depends on the chore. My 4 year old loves spraying cleaner on the tables and i wipe them. He doesn't like picking up toys though. We try to make it fun by racing though.
  12. Amanda

    Amanda Libman Family Blogger

    They hate it! lol I try to keep it fun, but thinking using a chart is going to help a lot. So they can visually see their rewards adding up. Love that idea.
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  13. Meena R

    Meena R Member

    Mine are actually pretty good about it. They can complain sometimes, but they know that we all pitch in as a family so they do their chores. #CleaningAsAFamily
  14. ChristinaC08

    ChristinaC08 Member

    At 4 my son doesn't really think of them as chores yet, which is great! He just loves to be able to help do the things that mommy is doing and he thinks he's a big shot when he does the dishes or help's empty the dishwasher. The only one that is tough is getting him to clean up his toys and keep them organized. We do struggle with that a bit and will probably implement a sticker/reward system in the near future to get him motivated to stay organized.
  15. Avis Tucker

    Avis Tucker Well-Known Member

    Charts work great! #CleaningAsAFamily
    Charts work great! #CleaningAsAFamily
  16. rose lew

    rose lew Active Member

    My kids are okay with chores, since they know that they are doing their share around the house
  17. itsbecslife

    itsbecslife Well-Known Member

    I know the feeling! But the incentives do really help!
  18. Avis Tucker

    Avis Tucker Well-Known Member

    check out The Freebies section they have here. many downloadable goodies... #CleaningAsAFamily
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  19. Paige Henke

    Paige Henke Member

    It's all about how you term it! If I say chores, they are all gone... if I start with $0.50 for.... they run to be the first to do it! As far as beds, teeth, etc... that is just the normal nagging necessary lol.
  20. Oanh

    Oanh Member

    My oldest nephew is like a slug when it comes to chores lol. He whines and drags his feet to get things done.
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