Q2. How do you motivate your family to complete household responsibilities?

Discussion in 'Libman Chat' started by Libman, Jun 10, 2015.

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  1. Libman

    Libman Administrator

    A great way to teach the difference between chores and expectations.
  2. Libman

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  3. AMarieL

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    I will reward with a few extra minutes on His kindle or staying up later.
  4. Marine Mama B

    Marine Mama B Member

    If they did their assigned chores all week they got the full amount. If it wasn't done or done properly it got deducted.
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  5. Avis Tucker

    Avis Tucker Well-Known Member

    Allowances definitely is a way to get children to do their chores for sure! #CleaningAsAFamily
  6. Marine Mama B

    Marine Mama B Member

    If they didn't do chores and lost allowance, they also lost parties and dances.
  7. Avis Tucker

    Avis Tucker Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. You have to ration their pay. It shows them your stance and they realize they need to be more responsible/productive. I liked my money, so I did my chores! ;) #CleaningAsAFamily
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  8. lynda

    lynda Member

    Something really fun at end of week...if nothing gets done and we have to do it all then we don't do something really fun.
  9. Echo Goodner

    Echo Goodner Member

    No work....no fun activities. :) Ok maybe not exactly that harsh from my U9 crew but pretty darn close. There is a certain amount of chores we expect for being part of the family. Everyone does chores in the house. Some more that others (mommy) and some less ( 3 year old)
  10. Special snacks and extended bedtime work wonders with my kids.
  11. I'm the one that needs motivating. I finally gave up and hired a house cleaner. That helped a bunch
  12. Pamela Mosher

    Pamela Mosher Member

    I'm beyond having kids - (granny now) but my husband pretty much qualifies as a kid and I have found it useful to bribe him with food/meals to get him to help clean up. The way to a man's heart is still through his stomach. lol
  13. Jen M

    Jen M Libman Family Blogger

    Mine are little (4 years and 2 years) and haven't started asking for a reward necessarily. We give lots of praise for helping out with their "job" and emphasize how important their contribution to keeping the house running. I don't know if we'll move to a reward system as they get older - I guess it'll depend on them!
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  14. Libman

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  15. ChristinaC08

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    We also try to use positive reinforcement and praise as the reward. My son responds to that so well and is so excited to hear that he did a great job wiping down the counters or doing this or that!
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  16. Libman

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    Need a new (and fun) way to assign chores? See how @Jen from the blog Four Marrs One Venus does it in her house with the "Chore Cootie Catcher".
  17. I motivate them with an allowance and if they don't complete their chores they don't get one.
  18. Echo Goodner

    Echo Goodner Member

    haha--isn't that the truth!
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  19. Echo Goodner

    Echo Goodner Member

    part family duties and others that they do beyond have a money amount assigned them, but they cannot skip their family duty chores to et to the money ones....1st things 1st!
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  20. @lesliebonton

    @lesliebonton Member

    Rewards or bribes!!!