Q1. What chores do you think are appropriate for each age group?

Discussion in 'Libman Chat' started by Libman, Jun 10, 2015.

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  1. Marine Mama B

    Marine Mama B Member

    Sweeping for the young ones, then dishes, then laundry
  2. ChristinaC08

    ChristinaC08 Member

    My son pretends he is a "sock folding machine" and attempts to fold them as well. It's actually pretty cute! It keeps him occupied while I get the bulk of everything folded, and he feels involved. Two birds, one stone!
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  3. Avis Tucker

    Avis Tucker Well-Known Member

    Forgot my #HASHTAG----->#CleaningAsAFamily
  4. Libman

    Libman Administrator

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  5. Avis Tucker

    Avis Tucker Well-Known Member

    Forgot my #HASHTAG----->#CleaningAsAFamily
  6. Libman

    Libman Administrator

    It's like a game of Matching!
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  7. Angela Hendricks

    Angela Hendricks Well-Known Member

  8. AMarieL

    AMarieL Member

    I think it is appropriate to have my 4 year old help empty the dishwasher and help fold towels.
  9. Avis Tucker

    Avis Tucker Well-Known Member

    Forgot my #HASHTAG----->#CleaningAsAFamily
  10. Pamela Mosher

    Pamela Mosher Member

    ...and btw, my son is 25 and I'm just now finally getting him to help out without a big fight. lol
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  11. Avis Tucker

    Avis Tucker Well-Known Member

    Forgot my #HASHTAG----->#CleaningAsAFamily
  12. ChristinaC08

    ChristinaC08 Member

    Everything is a game for a 4 year old! =)
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  13. lynda

    lynda Member

    Depends on age but mine all started young with little things now all they have to do is clean their rooms maybe walk the dog
  14. A1 - 10 and under I have sweep, 11-19 dusting, vacuum, trash, 49 (me) supervise
  15. Echo Goodner

    Echo Goodner Member

    My 8 and 5 year old put away their clothes, make their beds, etc. My 3 year like to try. My 8 year old also has varies other tasks assigned to her as time allows.
  16. Jen M

    Jen M Libman Family Blogger

    Truthfully, once they can walk and physically move about independently, they can help out with things! Following one (and eventually multi) step directions is a huge piece of communication and receptive language development. I swear, I'm not just making an excuse to have my daughter put her clothes in the laundry! ;)

    Over the first years of their life, kids will develop from being able to follow one step directions (please put your clothes in the hamper) to two related directions (please put on your pajamas and put your clothes in the hamper) to two (or more) unrelated directions (please put on your pajamas, put your clothes in the hamper, and then feed the dog).

    Helping around the house is an excellent way to exercise these listening skills!
  17. Generally around three-years-old I think a child can begin helping and being effective. Picking up toys, putting dishes in the dishwasher, dirty clothes in the hamper. The earlier the better.
  18. I think responsibility should start young. Starting with cleaning up toys and moving up to sweeping, moping, dishes, ect
  19. Echo Goodner

    Echo Goodner Member

    I really like the pinterest charts to help me determine if I'm underestimating my kids chores ability! haha...I need their help.
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  20. @lesliebonton

    @lesliebonton Member

    Kids should at the very least pick up their own toys!