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Discussion in 'Cleaning Chat' started by Jen, Apr 17, 2015.

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  1. Jen

    Jen Libman Family Blogger

    Calling all Pinterest Lovers!! What pinterest cleaning tip/trick have you tried and found to be super successful?
  2. Jen

    Jen Libman Family Blogger

    I will start! Removing Grass Stains from Baseball Pants! Easy as grabbing a...
    1$ bar of FELS-NAPTHA !! Soak your pants and then rub rub rub FELS-NAPTHA on the grass stain.. really lather it by rubbing the grass stain pant part together! Wash in washing machine as normal and stain free!!!!! Thank you Pinterest!
  3. Mr. Big

    Mr. Big Seasoned Charmer

    Not a huge pinterest guy, but I'll have to take a look -- everyone keeps saying you'll find interesting stuff like this on there. Thanks for the share!
  4. Jen

    Jen Libman Family Blogger

    Game Changer Mr. Big! I will warn you - pinterest can be addicting!
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  5. Malia Palea

    Malia Palea Libman Family Blogger

    I have to try this on my daughters leggings. They have grass stains I can't get off, I actually have a Fels Naptha bar, but haven't tried it on the grass stains!
  6. Jen

    Jen Libman Family Blogger

    It works Great!! Good Luck!
  7. MeganLorraine

    MeganLorraine Working Mom

    Has anyone tried using a walnut to recolor scratches and such on wooden tables? I've been curious to know how well that works...
  8. Katelyn Fagan

    Katelyn Fagan Libman Family Blogger

    I have posted several cleaning tips to Pinterest! My favorite though is using Bar Keepers Friend on your stainless steel pizza pans! That stuff is awesome and you can pick it up at Target or Walmart inexpensively. You can use it on pots and sinks and all sorts of other stuff too. I've even had some good success with it on those nasty stove drip pans.