Pet Responsibilities For The Whole Family

Discussion in 'Family Chat' started by Libman, May 4, 2015.

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  1. Libman

    Libman Administrator

    We love our pets, but they are a big responsibility. What role do your kids play in taking care of the family pets?

  2. MeganLorraine

    MeganLorraine Working Mom

    We actually started with just some fish when my son had just turned three. His job was to feed the fish in the morning and evening. Of course, we supervise him and the feedings. We love pets, so we wanted to make sure we instilled this sense of responsibility early on. Fish seemed like a good option because there is not a ton of work involved as far as attention and messes.
  3. Katharina

    Katharina New Member

    We also have a fish and our daughter really enjoys "feeding" him when she first wakes up. She dips her finger in the fish food, then sticks her finger in his bowl. She gets really excited being able to do this on her own. There usually isn't any food on her finger, so I go behind her to fed him.

    We also have a cat, but he's on a diet and constantly begs for food. I'm scared if I start letting her fed him, she might just feed him all day long. I might wait until she's 3 and go from there. She does however help me bathe him in the tub. She likes to scrub him while I keep the water on him. I should add he, oddly enough, enjoys baths and he stays calm during the whole process.