Tips & Tricks

  1. CUSTOMER TIP #167
    from Amanda . in Colfax, IA

    Instead of using bleach, use white vinegar with your regular detergent. It works just as well, but it won’t cause laundry accidents the way bleach can. It is great for sheets with prints, because there is no fading!
  2. CUSTOMER TIP #168
    from Sherri F. in McCarr, KY

    To keep brightly colored clothes from fading, just add 1/2 cup salt to the rinse cycle when you wash them.
  3. CUSTOMER TIP #169
    from Cathy H. in Rockport, TX

    To clean printer ink from clothes, use orange pumice hand cleaner. This also works well as a grease, tar and cement remover.
  4. CUSTOMER TIP #170
    from E. R. in New York, NY

    To remove fresh blood stains from clothes, apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide directly to the stain. Let soak for approximately 1/2 hour. The stain will be history!
  5. CUSTOMER TIP #171
    from Terri A. in Cape Coral, FL

    When you are out and about and you get a food stain on your clothes, I have found that baby wipes work really well to get them out while they’re fresh.
  6. CUSTOMER TIP #172
    from Amy W. in Jacksonville, FL

    If you run out of fabric softener, you can put some hair conditioner on a damp Libman All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth (#68) and add it to your dryer with the clothes. This works just as well as fabric softener in a pinch.
  7. CUSTOMER TIP #173
    from Dani D. in San Diego, CA

    Anytime you have a problem with color bleeding, try setting the color by soaking the article in a mixture of 1 part white vinegar to 20 parts water. Soak for about 20 minutes. Then wash as usual.
  8. CUSTOMER TIP #174
    from Gladys . in Jewett,, TX

    To get wrinkles out of clothes without ironing I use a homemade mixture of one ounce of liquid fabric softener and one ounce of alcohol in a 16 ounce spray bottle and finish filling the bottle with water. I put the shirt on a hanger and then spray with mixture and gently pull out wrinkles. In an hour or so it is dry and wrinkle free.
  9. CUSTOMER TIP #175
    from Deanna T. in Guntersville, AL

    To keep from having to iron most clothing, remove it from the dryer and hang it IMMEDIATELY when the drying cycle is finished. Forgot the clothes in the dryer? Take a Libman All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth (#68), dampen slightly, and toss it in with the clothes for about 10 minutes. The steam created from the damp cloth will take out any wrinkles.
  10. CUSTOMER TIP #176
    from Dale Ann S. in East Hampton, MA

    All too often on laundry day I see I wage my motherly war on grass-stained jeans. My best ammunition? A squirt of SHAMPOO (the kind for oily hair really seems to work best) and my trusty Libman scrub brush!
  11. CUSTOMER TIP #177
    from Kelly S. in Brasher Falls, NY

    Put small infant socks in an old knee high to prevent loosing them in the washer.
  12. CUSTOMER TIP #178
    from Dee E. in Aberdeen, WA

    Use nice smelling dryer fabric softener sheets to keep infrequently used linens fresh. I lay a few sheets in the bottom of the dresser drawer where I keep the guest sheets and when I’m ready to use them, they have that “just washed” smell!
  13. CUSTOMER TIP #179
    from Sue S. in Salinas, CA

    Zap ring around the collar stains with shampoo. Just scrub shampoo lightly on the stains with your Libman Hand and Nail Brush (#14). Any shampoo will lift sweaty stains better than detergent!
  14. CUSTOMER TIP #180
    from Rozlyn D. in Austin, TX

    To remove ballpoint ink stains from clothing, first spray with hair spray and scrub with the Libman Hand and Nail Brush (#14). Then wash as normal.
  15. CUSTOMER TIP #181
    from Colleen B. in Okeechobee, FL

    To boost the cleaning power of your laundry detergent in hard water, add 1/2 cup dishwasher soap to your regular detergent. Clothes will stay much whiter!
  16. CUSTOMER TIP #182
    from Diane M. in Oswego, IL

    Mix two parts of your laundry detergent with one part water in a spray bottle and use this solution as a pre-wash. The water helps to thin the solution and prevent the sprayer from clogging. For tough spots, scrub with the Libman Kitchen Brush (#45).
  17. CUSTOMER TIP #183
    from Mark P. in Alabaster, AL

    To save a bundle on fabric sheets, use the Libman Kitchen Cloth (#68) or a sponge and moisten it with a bit of liquid fabric softener. Use it as you would a fabric sheet.
  18. CUSTOMER TIP #184
    from R. F. in Scottsdale, AZ

    When you are bleaching a load of whites, don’t add the bleach until the last five minutes of the wash cycle. This allows the detergent to wash the items first before the bleach works on whitening them.
  19. CUSTOMER TIP #185
    from Terry Lynn A. in Omaha, NE

    An inexpensive way to get grease stains out of clothing is shampoo. It gets oil out of your hair and it will take grease and oil stains out of your clothes too.
  20. CUSTOMER TIP #186
    from Lois D. in Huntingdon Valley, PA

    To remove strong perspiration/oil odors from your wash, add Borax or Dreft just like you would to baby diapers to make them smell fresh.