Tips & Tricks

  1. CUSTOMER TIP #217
    from Karen K. in Silver Creek, NY

    I use my Wonder Mop to clean my siding. I love it.
  2. CUSTOMER TIP #218
    from Mark C. in Elberton, GA

    The Libman ‘No-Knees’ Floor Scrub (#122), a little soap, and a garden hose clean up dirty garage doors quickly.
  3. CUSTOMER TIP #219
    from Ruth S. in Palm City, FL

    In Florida, the accordian style hurricane shutters, which are permanently attached to the sides of windows, become soiled and filled with spider webs. The ‘No-Knees’ Floor Scrub works beautifully in removing the debris and webs caught between the accordian folds of the metal hurricane shutters.
  4. CUSTOMER TIP #220
    from Gayle G. in Middletown, NY

    Use a Libman sponge mop to clean children’s plastic picnic tables, sand box covers, and other outside play equipment.
  5. CUSTOMER TIP #221
    from V. R. in Connersville, IN

    Cleaning plastic resin patio furniture and kids plastic toys is a breeze if you use Libman’s Dish Scrub & Soap Dispenser (#48) filled with a general all-purpose cleaner or dish soap. Rinse off with a garden hose.
  6. CUSTOMER TIP #222
    from Ken D. in Quincy, IL

    I use my Libman Brass Pot Brush (#47) to clean the whitewalls on my car tires. This is the best brush I have ever used for this purpose. It works fast and easy, and the shape of the handle is a great knuckle saver!
  7. CUSTOMER TIP #223
    from Irene J. in Saratoga Springs, NY

    I use my mop for washing my husbands 18 wheeler. It makes it easier to reach high up and its easier on the paint finish.
  8. CUSTOMER TIP #224
    from Joy B. in Houston, TX

    If mold accumulates on the brick on the outside of your house, take a bucket with a couple of scoops of Tide, a cup of Clorox and a couple gallons of water. Scrub the house down using a Libman Power Scrub Brush (#57) and the mixture. After brushing the area down, just rinse it off with a garden hose. It takes the mold right off and it won’t come back for awhile!
  9. CUSTOMER TIP #225
    from Debbie M. in Frankfort, KY

    We use our Libman Wonder Mop to clean our inground swimming pool. We mix liner cleaner with one gallon of warm water and use the Wonder Mop to clean the sides of the liner. It is especially good at cleaning those skimmers that collect chemical residue and bugs. We never have to put our hands in that stuff. Thanks for our miracle!
  10. CUSTOMER TIP #272
    from Marcia T. in St. Louis, MO

    Use the Wonder Mop to wash your car much better than those “blue rag” car washes. No scratches on the finish. And a little soft scrubbing action removes the calling cards left by the birds without damaging the finish. Also great for drying for a spot free finish.
  11. CUSTOMER TIP #273
    from Gary N. in Arlington, VA

    You can use a floor squeegee to clear away light snow. It’s fast and leaves a dryer surface than a shovel.
  12. CUSTOMER TIP #276
    from Linda F. in Middletown, CT

    One of the easiest way to reduce the amount of dirt coming into your house is to have doormats, both inside and out. An outside mat gives your guests the first chance to remove extra debris from their shoes. Having a good mat inside the door helps remove additional debris.
  13. CUSTOMER TIP #283
    from Carol S. in Louisville, KY

    After sweeping up from cats and dogs the best way to clean the bottom of the broom is to take it outside and sweep the pavement just once and your broom is just like brand new.
  14. CUSTOMER TIP #289
    from Carole S. in Dayton, NV

    I own a housekeeping company and the less you bend, the more time you have to clean. To quick clean your sliding door tracks use your Libman Large Angle Broom to sweep out dust and then your Libman Wonder Mop to wash track. Also works on your front door riser. The Libman Wonder Mop is the only mop I will use, I throw it in the washer and dryer after each use, to kill all germs before reusing.
  15. CUSTOMER TIP #291
    from susan m. in canon, GA

    Not only is the Libman ‘No Knees’ Floor Scrub great for floors, it is also great to scrub swimming pool walls and bottoms. I purchased one for my pool and recommend it to others. It works great!
  16. CUSTOMER TIP #295
    from Rob F. in Ottawa, IL

    I use an 18” Libman Multi-Surface Push Broom as a large scrub brush to scrub both high and low areas of aluminum or vinyl siding.
  17. CUSTOMER TIP #298
    from Connie S. in Moore, SC

    I was amazed at what a wonderful job the Wonderfiber™ cloth did. I not only used it to clean countertops, but also the shower and tub. It cleaned so well that I got another one to clean the inside of my car, as well as using it to wash my car. I was surprised how sturdy the cloth really was and that it held up to all this cleaning. I threw it in the washer, and I have already used it again. I now have one for the inside and one for outside use. It also saves on using paper towels!!!
  18. CUSTOMER TIP #299
    from Scott B. in Benbrook, TX

    My Libman Swivel Duster is PERFECT for getting rid of all the cob webs and dead insects that cling to outdoor light fixtures and walls. And with its long handle and swiveling brush head, it’s SO easy to get into corners, as well as the tops of door & window frames. I LOVE IT!
  19. CUSTOMER TIP #303
    from Janet C. in Wichita, KS

    The Libman Wonderfiber Cloth is the very best ever for detailing the interior of your vehicle. I like to use the Wonder Cloth in combination with a can of compressed air. I have found if I stick the straw end of the air can into the wonder cloth and spray the trigger there is no crack or crevice that can escape this cleaning combination. I have a million other users for these cloths, both inside and out, however if you haven’t tried this, please give it a try, you will be amazed!
  20. CUSTOMER TIP #305
    from Caroline W. in New Albany, OH

    I love my Gator Mop. I found another great use for this sturdy and versatile mop. Slip on a new sponge and go to work on your car. Inside and out! Run it slightly damp over dusty vinyl or leather seats to refresh the interior and if your giving your car exterior a quick wash, it easily cleans the roof and hood without stretching and straining to reach the top. (I’ve even used it for quickly pushing off heavy snow in the Winter)