Organizing Zillion Piece toys

Discussion in 'Cleaning Chat' started by Jen M, Jun 10, 2015.

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  1. Jen M

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    I don't know how it happens, but you swear you won't let your house become overrun with toys, does. At first, I began organizing toys in empty baby wipes boxes since we had a bunch of them and being green is always good. There was an unforeseen issue with this, however...

    Problem: Small children can't read labels, so they have to open every baby wipe container turned toy storage bin to find what they're looking for. This turned my organization into a huge mess.

    Solution: Clear storage bins

    For a mere $.97 each, we got these little square bins to hold toys that have small pieces. My son can easily see what is in each of them and find what he's looking for. I thought using baby wipes containers was genius -- until he started busting them ALL open looking for a particular toy. As a bonus, he can open these much easier than the wipes containers.


    After that problem was solved, a related issue arose....

    Problem: Many of my son's toys (as seen above) have a lot of little pieces that we'd find under the bookcase, behind the couch, on the kitchen table, etc. Meanwhile, when we cleaned up, we thought we had all of them. How many pieces are there anyway?!

    Solution: Count toy pieces and label their bin.

    We didn't do this at first, leaving us to do a little catching up, but now whenever my son gets a toy, we first count the pieces, write it on a label, and stick it to the bottom of the box. At the end of the day when we're cleaning up, we know exactly how many pieces we're looking for. Not only did it help him learn numbers and associating counting with items, but It minimized the risk of forgetting a piece and it ending up in my younger daughter's mouth. Double win!


    What problems have you solved using creative organization techniques?
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