Moving into a new house!

Discussion in 'Cleaning Chat' started by Busy Bee Kate, Apr 20, 2015.

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  1. Busy Bee Kate

    Busy Bee Kate Libman Family Blogger

    We are about to move into a new house next weekend and I'm looking for some tips and tricks on how to get it cleaned fast and efficient and what areas of the home to really look for those old "cobwebs?!"

    We are most concerned with the kitchen has my daughter has severe food allergies so I need to be extra clean in that area of the house in case any proteins have been left on the home by the prior tenants. This part I'll be tackling by myself and plan on putting on some music and making it fun (and getting a little bit of exercise in too!)
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  2. Mr. Big

    Mr. Big Seasoned Charmer

    Hi there,

    First, congrats on the move! I can only imagine how excited you are. That said, as someone who's moved several houses now, I have been in your shoes many times over.

    I always start in the kitchen first as cooking smells tend to linger longer than anything else. And, it'll be the first place you use. The cabinets will need the most TLC, along with the fridge and cooking surfaces. I always dust the top of the cabinets (nobody sees that surface, but it accumulates the most dust). Speaking of dust, I unscrew each vent and spend some time cleaning them -- the most important surface to clean in any home are the vents as they carry the air you breathe. Be sure you replace the filter for the AC as well.

    Bathrooms are pretty easy since many products / purpose cleaners are oriented towards cleaning them :)

    Don't forget to clean the walls / light switches!!!
  3. Mr. Big

    Mr. Big Seasoned Charmer

    oh, and are you getting the carpets steam cleaned? I know this board is more oriented towards DIYers, but I was curious to know what your feeling was on that.
  4. Busy Bee Kate

    Busy Bee Kate Libman Family Blogger

    Awesome… thanks for the tips! We just ordered a steam cleaner for the carpets… we were kind of hoping there weren't any carpets but we are renting so it's not an option to tear them up (although the hardwood looks so nice underneath!) Steam cleaning the carpets will be our first project before we move anything into the home. Then I will tackle the kitchen and take your advice or the walls and wall switches.

    Thanks again for the tips! Excited for the move !