Tips & Tricks

  1. Customer Tip #366
    from Anne-Marie V. in New Madison, OH

    For a really clean floor, I pull out my stove & fridge about every 2-3 months & use my LIBMAN Wonder Mop to mop where they were!!
  2. Customer Tip #373 - Sweep well before you mop, or you'll be sorry!
    from Crystal H. in Roanoke, VA

    Ever notice lines on your floor after you mop? That's what happens when you miss dirt and dust before starting the job. Mopping is a breeze if you sweep really well beforehand. An initial sweeping with a regular broom first, and then with a dust mop, will get pretty much everything up before you wet mop.
  3. Customer Tip #375 - Dog hair
    from Kim B. in Verbena, AL

    I have 6 dogs and a kid in my house, so the floor NEVER stays clean. However, it is helpful to either in the morning first thing or before going to bed, take a Libman Dust Mop and run over the floors. It helps pick up the dog hair that seem to multiply.
  4. Customer Tip #377 - Wonder mop for all your needs
    from Sara H. in Dinwiddie, VA

    I use my Wonder® Mop for vinyl, tile, wood, walls and dusting. I can clean all the surfaces in my home with the one mop. Simply remove the mop head to dust. When finished just throw it in the wash. It saves space, time and money!
  5. Customer Tip #378 - Muddy floors
    from Karen K. in Aledo, TX

    When the dogs track mud through the house - I wait till it dries -then sweep the dried clumps and then use my mop. This way I am not smearing even more dirt.
  6. Customer Tip #380 - Hardwood Floor Polish and Protector
    from Scott M. in Oak Harbor, OH

    My hardwood floor had scratches from my sons dog. I used the #2055 Hardwood Floor Polish and Protector with the microfiber mop and it took the scratches out and the floor looks great. I will use this product again and the cleaner also.
  7. Customer Tip #381 - Chemical Free Mopping
    from Charu G. in Arlington, TX

    I love my Libman Tornado Mop! I boil a large pot of water with a little vinegar in it and use that to mop my floors! No calcium deposits in the pot because the vinegar softens the water and no toxic chemicals needed to make the floors sparkle.
  8. Customer Tip #382 - Cleaning with the roller mop
    from Caroline B. in Nacogdoches, TX

    I really like the roller mop, I use it to clean so any things besides the kitchen. It does wonders to remove pet hair from carpet. I also use it to wash walls.