Tips & Tricks

  1. CUSTOMER TIP #311
    from Amy R. in Ankeny, IA

    I have recently begun doing some cleaning in a local senior center. I use my Wonder Mop. I have each of the clients purchase their own replacement mop head. This way all I need to do is bring my mop, and each woman feels a little independence when she washes the removable head before my next visit!! They love to feel needed!!! Thank you Libman for helping these ladies retain some ownership in their lives!!!
  2. CUSTOMER TIP #312
    from Sandra D. in Los Angeles, CA

    My housemates and I love your products. We are college students always on the go and love how your mop is machine washable. All three of us have our own so we can clean up on our assigned week and our own bathrooms. Your products leave the whole apartment clean and shiny! We love to wash our mop heads in baking soda so no smells stick to them and they come out super clean! You guys really make life as a college student easy! Thank you.
  3. CUSTOMER TIP #313
    from Jessica B. in Staunton, IL

    Tired of scrubbing your tile floors? The grungy look comes right up when you spray Scrubbing Bubbles® Bathroom Cleaner on your floor, let it sit for 10 minutes and then mop it up with your Libman® Tornado® Mop! Perfectly white floors again!!!
  4. CUSTOMER TIP #314
    from Tina B. in Stoutsville, OH

    Use your Libman Microfiber Roller Mop for washing the walls. No risk of falling off a stool or ladder and it gets them dry and clean.
  5. CUSTOMER TIP #318
    from Christina M. in Amanda, OH

    I have laminate floors and use the Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop but saw the Libman Hardwood Roller Mop refill in the grocery store so I bought it to try. You can use it without having to wet it and it picks up dirt really well. So I use it as a second broom. When wet, it also attracts a lot of the dirt that the other mops don’t. It also lasts a lot longer and the best thing is it also seems to dry faster.
  6. CUSTOMER TIP #319
    from Elizabeth K. in Independence, IA

    I use my Libman mop to clean my shower, regular sized bathtubs, and my deep soaking tub. I bought two mop heads and marked one for the floor and the other for tub & shower. Using the mop to clean the tub and shower saves my knees and back. It works great on the tub and shower floor and walls!
  7. CUSTOMER TIP #321
    from Tami E. in Hemlock, MI

    While closing my pool up for the year, I found the best way to get those little bugs and stuff off that stick to the inside liner of your swimming pool, a clean Libman mop. They wipe off easy and is a much easier way than using a scrub brush.
  8. Customer Tip #322
    from Larry H. in Vero Beach, FL

    I have a metal patio roof and although it has a nice factory white finish, after 4 years it was looking bad, very bad. I took my Libman mop with only a bucket of soapy water and mopped the underside (ceiling) of my patio roof and it now looks like new again! What a pleasure it is now to look out and see the glistening ceiling over the patio.
  9. Customer Tip #325
    from Penny W. in Washougal, WA

    I use my Libman Microfiber Floor Mop with a good cleaner to reach the deep, uneven crevices in shale tile floors. The sturdy swivel action of the mop and soft pad helps gently and thoroughly reach every nook and cranny of this difficult to clean tile, and has saved lots of time, and my back!
  10. Customer Tip #327
    from Dawn S. in Knoxville, TN

    I am a 2nd grade teacher. I recently purchased a couple of Libman Microfiber Dust Mops (one to use wet, and one to use dry). I "assign" this job to different children daily because they actually fight over who gets to do it! At the end of the day or after a particularly messy activity, I give the dry mop to the first "Dust Mopper" and set him free around the room. Meanwhile, I simply wet the other mop with water and put "Dust Mopper #2" on the trail behind the first one. The custodians use a chemical disinfectant when they mop after hours, but I've found letting the kids clean up after themselves with the mops helps keep things neater and cleaner between moppings! I simply take the covers home once a week or so to toss in the washer and bring them back to school the next day.
  11. Customer Tip #336
    from Pat M. in Niles, OH

    Since it is safe for my crawling grandson and pets, I use white vinegar in my new spray mop. It works wonderful by itself but if I have a really hard stain to remove from kitchen floor---like blacktop smear--- I sprinkle some baking soda first, then mop over. The foam must breakdown the stain because it removes easily.
  12. Customer Tip #338
    from Monica N. in Freehold, NJ

    To save time and money, purchase extra cleaning solution bottles for the Freedom Mop and pre-fill them with the cleaning solution of your choice for the various floors in your home. I have one for wood floors and one for ceramic tile, always ready to use when needed!
  13. Customer Tip #339
    from Patricia F. in Newton, NJ

    When cleaning your shower or tub the Libman Wonder Mop works wonders on these surfaces without all the kneeling and bending. Just spray your cleaner and use a damp mop to wash away your shower and bath scum, rinsing as you go along. In no time your bath and shower will be gleaming.
  14. Customer Tip #345
    from Liz G. in Fredonia, PA

    I use my Libman Gator Mop with brush when scrubbing my area rugs. I spray a foam carpet cleaner, use the brush on the mop to get deep into the fibers, then use the sponge to restore the carpet's nap. It's great at getting dirt and hair out! The mop with brush saves me scrubbing on my hands and knees!
  15. Customer Tip #347
    from Martina Z. in Powder Springs, GA

    Use a cup of baking soda mixed with warm water and your Libman mop to clean up grease or scuff marks on floors!
  16. Customer Tip #348
    from Florence M. in Kenner, LA

    Living in a Senior Apt. Complex, I am starved for storage space. I recently purchased your Libman Wonder® Mop. Best purchase I ever made! It's light weight, and easy to handle with my arthritic hands. For storage, I use a small hook, installed next to my Shower nozzle, over the bathroom tub. It dries in a breeze and is ready to use at a moments notice!
  17. Customer Tip #354
    from Maria A. in Jasper, GA

    Use your dry Wonder Mop to remove cobwebs around your ceilings by pushing the wringer sleeve part of the way down onto the mop leaving some of the mop exposed. The soft ends of the mop are ideal for catching cobwebs without marking up your ceiling or walls.
  18. Customer Tip #355
    from Betty N. in Benton, KY

    I use my Libman Wonder® Mop for my floors and when it finally is ready to think about a discard, I do not discard. I take it to my 24" above ground pool and use it to mop the sides and floor of the pool. Then when I am, again thinking of discarding, I use it to stain on my back deck. It does it so efficiently and without killing my 74 year old back.
  19. Customer Tip #364
    from Stacey C. in Dedham, ME

    My husband is a contractor, which means that my house is always in a state of being “improved”. This means that I sometimes come home to chunks of dried on drywall mud on my hardwood floors. To remove these, I used to scrape them off, but then I discovered that if I used my washable mop-head instead, it’s easier. I just run the mop head through some super-hot water, wring it out, and then let it sit on the spot for 3-5 minutes. After that, it comes out just like the rest of the dirt! No scrubbing and no scraping!
  20. Customer Tip #365
    from Cindy G. in Cambridge, MA

    The Libman Tornado Mop and dish soap (in water) are perfect for linoleum kitchen floor food stains! Cleans them up, amazingly well (figures, as dish soap is intended to clean up food particles).