Tips & Tricks

  1. CUSTOMER TIP #147
    from Saundra A. in Hilton, NY

    For a shinier floor, add baking soda to your mop water and clean with your Libman Gator Mop.
  2. CUSTOMER TIP #148
    from Jean in Cutchogue, NY

    I am a professional housecleaner and my tip for cleaning no-wax floors is to add 1/2 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup of ammonia to 1-2 gallons of water and then mop with the Libman Wonder Mop. I use it all the time. I even recommend it to my customers!
  3. CUSTOMER TIP #149
    from Cynthia M. in Roachdale, IN

    Mop with a mild detergent and water, and wait to allow the solution to penetrate the dirt that can get ground into those little crevices. Mop again and rinse if necessary. This takes a little longer, but it sure saves your back from so much scrubbing.
  4. CUSTOMER TIP #150
    from Sandra F. in Booneville, MS

    For cleaning no-wax floors, use 1/4 cup vinegar and one drop of liquid dish soap to one gallon of water. Cleans and shines with no rinsing.
  5. CUSTOMER TIP #151
    from Donna D. in Joliett,, PA

    When cleaning a linoleum floor, I put the cleaning solution in a squirt bottle instead of in the bucket of water. I just squirt solution on the areas that need it and then mop with a damp Wonder mop. It saves on cleaning solution and ends up being faster.
  6. CUSTOMER TIP #216
    from Arlene D. in Elcajon, CA

    To keep your mop clean and fresh smelling, after using, wash out with clean water, then put one gallon of hot water and one cup of hydrogen peroxide and let the mop soak for 15 minutes. Next, ring mop out and air dry. My grandmother taught me this trick years ago.
  7. CUSTOMER TIP #268
    from Elizabeth in Gunter, TX

    Use your trash can as your Libman mop bucket and give it a cleaning at the same time.
  8. CUSTOMER TIP #270
    from Florence M. in Kenner, LA

    After scrubbing my tile (or) linoleum floors - I love to wax them with a sponge mop, such as your LIBMAN GATOR MOP #02020. I keep the mop specifically for waxing by slipping a large food plastic bag over the sponge head to keep it soft and supple for next time. It never hardens - and is always ready !
  9. CUSTOMER TIP #271
    from Jayne K. in marietta, GA

    I keep two mopheads for my Wonder Mop. The first one I use for regular wet cleaning of my floors. The second one I use with a wood polish product, sprayed directly onto mop, to polish wood floors and getting dust on top of wood cabinets, etc. Works great!
  10. CUSTOMER TIP #272
    from Marcia T. in St. Louis, MO

    Use the Wonder Mop to wash your car much better than those “blue rag” car washes. No scratches on the finish. And a little soft scrubbing action removes the calling cards left by the birds without damaging the finish. Also great for drying for a spot free finish.
  11. CUSTOMER TIP #277
    from yvette P. in Delray Beach, FL

    Easy on the hands! The Libman Nitty Gritty Mop is an ideal tool for people with limited hand function or arthritis due to its large, easy to push wringer. I personally have weak hands and find the Nitty Gritty a pleasure to operate.
  12. CUSTOMER TIP #278
    from Shirley B. in Owings Mills, MD

    Use the no knees floor scrub brush when cleaning around the woodwork area in your home. It eliminates alot of back and knee pain for those who can not get down on their knees or have bad backs.
  13. CUSTOMER TIP #279
    from Deborah G. in Clinton, SC

    Do you have kids that track mud in your house or drop or spill icky mess? Try the Libman Big Cotton Wet Mop with Scrubber Pad it works great and makes scrubbing so easy without having to get on your hand and knees. I will never go back to anything else.
  14. CUSTOMER TIP #280
    from Deb O. in Port Arthur, TX

    We have a 40 ft tag along travel trailer. Space is always precious. Therefore I use my libman mop not only for my floor inside but on the side of my trailer when I scrub it down. The design of the mop works much better than the expensive brushes sold for the same purpose.
  15. CUSTOMER TIP #281
    from Priscilla S. in Tampa, FL

    After a quick clean up, try spraying your mop head with disinfectant spray. This keeps your mop smelling fresh and clean in between regular washings.
  16. CUSTOMER TIP #289
    from Carole S. in Dayton, NV

    I own a housekeeping company and the less you bend, the more time you have to clean. To quick clean your sliding door tracks use your Libman Large Angle Broom to sweep out dust and then your Libman Wonder Mop to wash track. Also works on your front door riser. The Libman Wonder Mop is the only mop I will use, I throw it in the washer and dryer after each use, to kill all germs before reusing.
  17. CUSTOMER TIP #294
    from CARL C. in MEMPHIS, TN

    If you have a disposable cloth duster mop and don’t want to spend all of the money on refill cloths, then put the Libman #236 All Purpose Dust Cloth on it just as you would the disposable ones. After you are finished dusting, then just wash and reuse the cloth for the next time.
  18. CUSTOMER TIP #302
    from donna h. in sterling, OH

    When we moved into our new home, all the walls needed washed down so I used a Libman mop. No climbing up and down, no bending, it worked great and saved lots of time!!!!
  19. CUSTOMER TIP #305
    from Caroline W. in New Albany, OH

    I love my Gator Mop. I found another great use for this sturdy and versatile mop. Slip on a new sponge and go to work on your car. Inside and out! Run it slightly damp over dusty vinyl or leather seats to refresh the interior and if your giving your car exterior a quick wash, it easily cleans the roof and hood without stretching and straining to reach the top. (I’ve even used it for quickly pushing off heavy snow in the Winter)
  20. CUSTOMER TIP #306
    from Sara S. in Nashville, TN

    As a mother of seven, I understand what it means to budget. I can also appreciate the value of a dollar. After many disappointments with other brands, I have found Libman to be everything & more that it promises! I have found it so much more simple to just separate the Wonder Mop head from it’s handle, throw it in the washer and after air drying, simply take the mop head and use it for dusting! When you’re done, simply attach it back to the handle, rinse it with hot water, a little floor cleaner & go over your floor(s) to attract the remnants of the dusting! It works for me...and the rest of the gang!