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Do your keeps help around the house?

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  1. Jacqui Odell

    Jacqui Odell Libman Family Blogger

    As a mom, it seems as if I at times hold the world in my hands, or the weight of it sometimes. Days are busy, getting kids ready and out the door for activities or school. Helping get my dear husband ready too. Cooking, cleaning, blogging, volunteering at the school... whew. I wear myself out just thinking about all that I do every day.

    As an 11th anniversary gift, the good people at Libman have given me the means to let go of the reins. To turn over some responsibility to my children and have them get involved in cleaning and maintaining their home.

    My son (age 8) is old enough to help keep the floors clean, dust, makes his bed, switch laundry, and picking up. He is excited by his new chore after getting to use the Lib Man Wonder Strip Mop. We allow him to have his itunes and some space, and we are never disappointed by how well he cleans!

    Zoey thinks it might be a little unfair that her brother is mopping. That Libman Wonder Mop is pretty neat. Zoey is 5, so I have let her clean off the table, make her bed, and also help with dusting. She was delighted to find that she has a new chore that involves a product she gets excited about using to prep the floor for her brother to mop. The Libman Microfiber Dust Mop is perfect for grabbing all the little bits of dust and hair that fall on the floor with ease.

    Carly Jo is 3 and I mainly have her help pick up. She is responsible for keeping her toys cleaned up and put up in their right spot!

    I am so impressed with myself and my 2 oldest kids! I let go of the reins and they make our floors look fantastic!

    There is one job I want to turn over to them, but just can't yet.... bathroom cleaning. Thanks to the help of a few favorites songs on itunes and the LIBMAN 40 Round Toilet Bowl Brush w/Closed Caddy, I can keep my mind busy while cleaning toilets with ease!

    Do you have a favorite Libman product that is a huge help to your family with their age appropriate chores?
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