Kids, Chores and Using the Marble Jar

Discussion in 'Family Chat' started by Blogging Mom of 4, May 27, 2015.

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    With a family of 6, it's pretty busy around our house. Yes, I'm a stay at home mom but I'm also a homeschooling work at home mom too. Which means, like most families, the house can get neglected with our busy life.

    Our kids have chores. Yes, it helps relieve some of the pressure on mom to keep the house clean. No, I did not have kids so that they could clean my house. No, I'm not a slave driver. What I am though is a parent who wants to teach her kids the value of earning money.

    There are always age appropriate chores that kids can do. Even from little on. They can pick up their toys, help dust, feed pets, etc. When they get a bit older, they can help load/unload the dishwasher, take out the garbage, sweep and vacuum, etc.

    Not only are they learning the value of money and earning their own money, they also learn work ethic, responsibility, appreciation for their home, team work, prioritizing, etc.

    So how does our family handle chores and earning money?

    Marble Jar


    Each child has their assigned chores. It's the same every week unless we decide to switch it up. However, each chore is based on their age and 'skill' level so we don't switch it up often. Each chore has an assigned "Marble" value and each child has their own Marble Jar.

    When they complete their chores, they can put marbles earned into their Marble Jar. When the jar is filled, they earn $20. Then that $20 is split into money to save, spend and give.

    Every day the kids need to go through their chores and not only do they earn marbles for each core they complete, they have to complete their chores before they can get on electronics for the day or go play with their friends.

    Our kids are learning that they don't get something every time we go into a store and they know that if they want to buy something, they need to save up their money. They might even choose to work extra chores to earn money faster. They are in control of their own money. However, I still try to help them make the right choices in how they spend it.

    You can also find my chore chart post on Blogging Mom of 4 - Kids Chore Chart - Kids Earning Money vs. Given Allowance.

    How do you handle chores around the house? Do you give an allowance or use a different system?
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    Great share - thank you!
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    This is a great idea!
  4. Such a great idea that is so easy to implement!