How do you reward your children for completing household responsibilities?

Discussion in 'Family Chat' started by Libman, May 21, 2015.

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  1. cmlgill

    cmlgill Member

    With kind words. Plus if they don't' do their chores, they don't get to do anything else so it's in their best interest. Work first then play.
  2. AngelaNicole

    AngelaNicole Member

    *outside activities whether it's going to the park, hanging with friends, anything he wants because i would like my child to feel like he IS appreciated" :) in house...maybe some gaming system time, or he can choose what HE wants for dinner :)
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  3. Libman

    Libman Administrator

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  4. Avis Tucker

    Avis Tucker Well-Known Member

    Congrats Ashley!
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  5. itsbecslife

    itsbecslife Well-Known Member

    It totally does, and it's fun to 'track your progress' too! #CleaningAsAFamily
  6. Brooke

    Brooke Member

    My mom made cleaning a game and if we "won" she would take me to get my nails done. I was also often rewarded with a donut! :)
  7. Ashley

    Ashley Member

    Oh wow! Just seeing this now! THANK YOU!
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  8. Jen M

    Jen M Libman Family Blogger

    We use a chore chart with weekly goals. My kids are both very much in the helper phase, so it's easy, but I'm hoping the reinforcement will help them understand that they are an important part of keeping the family and house running!
  9. Libman

    Libman Administrator


    We just love this sticker chart. Would you mind sharing it in a new thread under "Family Chat' so our members can download one for themselves.

    Also, if you have any other fun resources you think other parents would enjoy, feel free to share those as well!

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