Getting Children involved in moving

Discussion in 'Family Chat' started by BeingMommie, May 6, 2015.

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    My family just went through a pretty major move from one side of town to another. I'm so happy we are totally done and equally happy that we included the boys in as much of the move as possible. We have an 8 year old and 4 year old; both boys. So once they realized that we were planning on buying a house and moving, we of course involved them in it. Here are some tips for you to include your children in your move.

    1. Let them pick their own rooms- We limited them to 3 of the rooms in the house (we bought a 5 bedroom). My oldest quickly chose the bedroom with 2 windows. What he didn't know is the bedroom his brother chose was actually bigger than his. I'm pretty sure the 4 year old has the best room.
    2. Help them donate toys- This was very important as our boys have a ton of toys. We went through their playroom and helped them pick out the toys and books that were most important to them.. then helped them chose what we should so with some of the others.
    3. Have them help pack- Yes, the 4 year old as well. This was hard to follow as my husband and I love things a certain way. But we believe they did a great job packing up their own things and getting them ready for the move.
    4. Let them make choices about their space- While we haven't painted anything yet, we plan on making sure the boys have their own choices for how they want their bedrooms to look. Nothing too crazy but they are the ones who will be doing the "living" in the room right? Why not give them what they want.
    We also had them around the day we moved so that they could let us know where they wanted things (in there room) and feel like they helped with everything. It was hard having them here but really, they weren't in the way and it made us closer as a family.

    What else would you do to involve your children in something as daunting as moving into your new place?
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