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Discussion in 'Libman Chat' started by Libman, May 21, 2015.

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  1. Libman

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    Q1. What time does the forum party start?
    A1. 9 p.m. EST

    Q2. Where do I RSVP?
    A2. Reply to the announcement at

    Q3. Where will the questions/topics be posted?
    A3. Each of question will be posted as a new thread under "Libman Chat"

    Q4. How many questions will be posted?
    A4. There will be a total of 10 questions

    Q5. How many prizes will be given away?
    A5. A total of 30 Libman products will be given away

    Q6. How can I qualify for the giveaways?
    A6. RSVP and submit your responses to each question - the more topics you participate in, the better your chances

    Q7. Are there additional chances to win?
    A7. Submit your recommendation for forum party questions in your RSVP for an additional chance to win

    Q8. How will the winners be selected?
    A8. All participants will be entered into a randomize generator and digitally selected at the conclusion of the event

    Q9. How will the winners be notified?
    A9. Winners will be announced in a new thread at the conclusion of the event and will be notified through the email address provided at registration

    Q10. What is the purpose of this forum party?
    A10. To spark conversation around topics important to families and to help build a valuable online community of parents, bloggers and consumers
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  2. Ashley

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    Great, I'm So excited! First forum party! WOO!
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