Daycare Troubles

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by MeganLorraine, May 12, 2015.

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  1. MeganLorraine

    MeganLorraine Working Mom

    Hello! My son has been in daycare for half days for about the past 2 months or so. We quickly noticed a decline in good behavior and some horrible, violent, and disobedient behaviors he has picked up. We can see that the teacher is totally burnt out and that some of the kids in the class are out of control. I'm not sure what to do next... Is it time to switch daycares or will I see this kind of thing no matter where I go? Is it just a phase that we can teach him out of? Help!
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  2. Jen M

    Jen M Libman Family Blogger

    Daycare issues can be so stressful! Transitions can be tough on toddlers, but if you're uncomfortable with what he's learning (and what isn't being corrected) at the daycare, you are well within your right to speak up. Have you spoken to the teacher about it? It's her job to manage the classroom and keep everyone safe and happy. If she can't do that, it may be time to find a new place.
  3. MeganLorraine

    MeganLorraine Working Mom

    We ended up switching classrooms! The first class we pre-school and they kids were pretty much free to do whatever at the activity stations. We bumped him up to pre-k which has more structure, group learning, an activities. We've been so happy and amazed with the results and changes. It seems like he just needed more structure and something to focus his energy on, like learning.