Tips & Tricks

  1. CUSTOMER TIP #121
    from Debbie B. in Traverse City, MI

    For really tough moldy spots in your bathtub, especially corners, soak a cotton ball in bleach, place it on the spot, and leave it overnight. It takes the spot away and brightens up the tub. Works great!
  2. CUSTOMER TIP #249
    from Christina S. in Harleysville, PA

    To clean the trap of your drains, cover the drain air returns with a rag or tape, and use your shopvac to suck the hair, soap, etc. out of the drain. It works great, and there is no more need for chemical drain cleaners.
  3. CUSTOMER TIP #250
    from April N. in White Rock, NM

    To freshen garbage disposals, pour a little salt and lemon juice down the drain with cold water while running the disposal. You can also use orange and lemon peels!
  4. CUSTOMER TIP #251
    from Sandy W. in Albuquerque, NM

    To clean grease and leftover food from your disposal, sprinkle liberally with baking soda and pour white vinegar over until it bubbles. Let set for 10 minutes. Rinse with hot water. Put 2 or 3 ice cubes in the disposal and grind. Rinse again with hot water. Now your disposal is clean and odor free!
  5. CUSTOMER TIP #270
    from Florence M. in Kenner, LA

    After scrubbing my tile (or) linoleum floors - I love to wax them with a sponge mop, such as your LIBMAN GATOR MOP #02020. I keep the mop specifically for waxing by slipping a large food plastic bag over the sponge head to keep it soft and supple for next time. It never hardens - and is always ready !
  6. CUSTOMER TIP #296
    from Sue Ann M. in Newburgh, NY

    Instead of buying paper towels to clean your mirrors, windows, counter tops and general household cleaning including spills and dusting use the wonderfiber cloth and see that you spend less money on paper products and you are also saving the environment. You can re-use your wonderfiber cloth several times and throw it in the wash machine or just ring it out. You can’t do that with paper towels.
  7. CUSTOMER TIP #298
    from Connie S. in Moore, SC

    I was amazed at what a wonderful job the Wonderfiber™ cloth did. I not only used it to clean countertops, but also the shower and tub. It cleaned so well that I got another one to clean the inside of my car, as well as using it to wash my car. I was surprised how sturdy the cloth really was and that it held up to all this cleaning. I threw it in the washer, and I have already used it again. I now have one for the inside and one for outside use. It also saves on using paper towels!!!
  8. CUSTOMER TIP #318
    from Christina M. in Amanda, OH

    I have laminate floors and use the Libman Nitty Gritty Roller Mop but saw the Libman Hardwood Roller Mop refill in the grocery store so I bought it to try. You can use it without having to wet it and it picks up dirt really well. So I use it as a second broom. When wet, it also attracts a lot of the dirt that the other mops don’t. It also lasts a lot longer and the best thing is it also seems to dry faster.
  9. CUSTOMER TIP #319
    from Elizabeth K. in Independence, IA

    I use my Libman mop to clean my shower, regular sized bathtubs, and my deep soaking tub. I bought two mop heads and marked one for the floor and the other for tub & shower. Using the mop to clean the tub and shower saves my knees and back. It works great on the tub and shower floor and walls!
  10. Customer Tip #324
    from Jo B. in Oklahoma City, OK

    I use toilet bowl brushes to clean trash cans. They have longer heads and work good at scrubbing.