Tips & Tricks

  1. CUSTOMER TIP #101
    from Adrienne K. in Valley Stream, NY

    To get rid of those nasty hard water spots on my clear shower doors, I use Libman’s long handle scrub brush and glass cleaner. I spray on cleaner, then gently scrub with the brush. Once per week keeps the spots under control.
  2. CUSTOMER TIP #102
    from Theresa E. in Joppa, MD

    Use your Wonder Mop to clean ceilings. I use mine regularly to clean mold and mildew from my bathroom ceiling. It is easy with the long handle. It is light weight, and wringing is a snap. No more messy hands or dry skin from bleach water.
  3. CUSTOMER TIP #103
    from Susan D. in Ocala, FL

    When your shower head gets clogged, remove head, take out the rubber washer, and soak the head in 1 cup vinegar and 1 cup water for about an hour. Scrub with your Libman Small Scrub Brush (#15) to remove all debris. Replace washer, install shower head and you will have a nice spray!
  4. CUSTOMER TIP #104
    from Kelly D. in Howell, NJ

    If you have a stubborn stain in your bathtub, wet the surface, sprinkle with cream of tartar, and rub with the cut surface of a lemon.
  5. CUSTOMER TIP #105
    from Marianne F. in Indianapolis, IN

    Use coffee filters to clean glass surfaces and mirrors. They make the surface shine, but do not leave any lint behind!
  6. CUSTOMER TIP #106
    from Susan J. in Virginia Beach, VA

    Instead of trying to remove makeup from mirrors with glass cleaner, try rubbing alcohol on a paper towel. It works great on makeup, and it also removes soap residue.
  7. CUSTOMER TIP #107
    from Nicole H. in Chandler, AZ

    To remove caked on hairspray from the door or wall behind where you stand in the bathroom, simply mix fabric softener with some water. It will dissolve the hairspray.
  8. CUSTOMER TIP #108
    from Beth W. in Veneta, OR

    We keep a small inexpensive squeegee, like the Libman Window Squeegee (#70), by the bathroom sink to clear the mirror of shower fog before using the mirror to finish grooming. It’s a snap to clear just a handy swath or the entire mirror if needed. It’s much faster than using a hair dryer.
  9. CUSTOMER TIP #109
    from Amanda L. in Winder, GA

    If you have trouble getting hair spray off counter tops, walls, or tile floors, baking soda works great! Just mix some with a little warm water so it forms a paste; then apply with the Libman Big Scrub Sponge (#19) or All-Purpose Kitchen Cloth (#68) and rinse off. Everything will look like new!
  10. CUSTOMER TIP #110
    from Jeanne P. in Austin, TX

    Baking soda is an environmentally safe cleaning agent! To clean glass shower enclosures of soap scum, sprinkle soda liberally on a cloth and rub lightly. Then rinse to a sparkling shine!
  11. CUSTOMER TIP #111
    from Karen V. in Kerrville, TX

    For a fast toilet cleanup, pour a cup of bleach in the toilet, wait 10 minutes, then swoosh it clean with a Libman bowl brush.
  12. CUSTOMER TIP #112
    from Diane F. in Hays, KS

    To prevent water spots from building up on the stainless steel surrounding your shower doors and faucets, try wiping them with the lemon oil you normally use to clean your wood furniture.
  13. CUSTOMER TIP #113
    from Cathy K. in Austin, TX

    When washing your shower curtain in the washer, throw in a couple of old towels. The friction of the towels scrubs the soap scum from the curtain. While the shower curtain is in the washer, make use of your time by cleaning the tub with Libman’s Tile and Tub Scrub (#61).
  14. CUSTOMER TIP #114
    from Eileen L. in Morgan City, LA

    To clean your toilet bowl, put 2 cups of vinegar in the tank and in the bowl. Let it soak overnight. In the morning, brush to a sparkling clean with a Libman bowl brush (#22-27). This is an easy way to remove lime and calcium scales!
  15. CUSTOMER TIP #115
    from Thomas F. in Victoria, TX

    Use lemon juice for hard lime on faucets and in the bathtub.
  16. CUSTOMER TIP #116
    from Lana K. in Pocahontas, AR

    I use my Libman Wonder Mop (#2000) to clean the shower. No stretching or scratching and the shower gets really clean. Just dip the mop in your cleaning solution and mop the shower and tub, then rinse. Easy!
  17. CUSTOMER TIP #117
    from Kelly Z. in Sacramento, CA

    Dishwasher detergent, for example Cascade, cleans toilets better than any bathroom cleaning product I have found.
  18. CUSTOMER TIP #118
    from Ronda H. in Goreville, IL

    Before cleaning your toilet, drop two alka seltzer in the bowl. After they fizz, clean the bowl with a Libman Toilet Bowl Brush (#22) to a sparkling new shine!
  19. CUSTOMER TIP #119
    from John M. in Terre Haute, IN

    Use toothpaste to clean the iron stains in your sink and bathtub.
  20. CUSTOMER TIP #120
    from Lisa W. in Lexington, KY

    To get kids to help with the bathroom clean-up, have them clean the sink and tub with baking soda and vinegar. The kids love the fizzing and it gets the sink and tub sparkling clean.