5 Ways A Clean House Can Positively Impact Your Day

Discussion in 'Cleaning Chat' started by Carol Jones, Apr 20, 2015.

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  1. Carol Jones

    Carol Jones Libman Family Blogger

    You know those days when you wake up and your day is instantly a “good day”? I can tell you that 99% of the time for me it’s because my home is clean. When the dishes are done at night, laundry finished, or my kids sweep the kitchen floor my day is much less stressful than if it’s not done.

    Here are 5 ways a clean house can impact your day for you to implement!

    1. Waking Up To A Clean Kitchen

    Clean as in counters wiped down, dishwasher on, floors swept and mopped. One of my pet peeves is walking on my hard kitchen floors and feeling little particles under my feet. Using products like the Libman Freedom Mop make it easy to walk into your clean kitchen to get that fresh cup of coffee first thing in the morning without the feeling of “what did I just step on?”. From there you can sip your java and gaze out the window, relish in the quiet and mentally plan your day.

    2. Laundry Done

    One of the things I dread doing? LAUNDRY. I loathe folding and putting it all away. If your children are old enough to help, then by all means enlist them! My kids are 5 years old, perfect age to be putting their laundry away and picking up dirty clothes. Getting the kids on board at aan early age will not only teach them responsibility, it will also make that part of your job less stressful.

    3. A Clean Shower

    I tend to keep a Libman Wonderfiber Cloth hanging on a little hook in my shower. After I am done showering I do a quick swipe of the tile walls. It keeps the soap scum at bay and makes the weekly deep cleaning that much faster! My shower is always clean [​IMG]

    4. Open Your Windows

    The easiest way to make your house feel fresh quickly? Open the windows! Even if it’s cold outside, opening the windows and letting the wind come through helps with getting rid of the stagnant air we sometimes grow used to. While you are there at those windows give them a quick swipe with a microfiber cloth and some cleaner and let that sunshine through!

    5. What About the Car?

    I found that using a large container in the car trunk will do wonders for maintaining it. Keep a compartment box or cubby in the trunk to quickly sort things like jackets, toys, and miscellaneous bits for an easy way to keep your car clean. I also like to keep the Libman Utility Bucket somewhere in my car – it’s so perfect for using as a wastebasket! The design is oblong to fit perfectly behind your seat.
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  2. BethP

    BethP New Member

    I love the microfiber cloth in the shower idea! I really DISlike cleaning in there and anything that makes it easier during my weekly cleaning, is for me!
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  3. gcook

    gcook Administrator

    Waking up clean house definitely sets the mood for my day. It's even better coming home after a long day to a clean house.

    I have to agree, I try to clean the shower when I'm in it to make the job seem less overwhelming. Great idea to keep the Libman Wonderfiber Cloth hanging in the shower.

    The container in the trunk is also a nice tip. My trunk tends to accumulate many random items over time and I just forget to bring it in. Out of sight, out of mind.