20 Chores Kids Can Do

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    by Scarlet Paolicchi of Family Focus Blog

    Cleaning is something that most people don't enjoy doing but everyone enjoys the results. A clean environment is not only more healthy but it is also more relaxing. Cleaning the house takes time but luckily, you shouldn't have to do it alone. Your kids CAN help clean. That is right, despite their best efforts to make you think otherwise, kids can clean. And it is important to have your kids help clean, not only for your own sanity but also as an important element of kids learning responsibility. Here are 20 chores kids can do at home.

    Chores For Kids 5 And Under
    Help put toys back when they are done playing with them
    Put dirty clothes into laundry hamper

    Chores For Kids 11 and Under
    Help put toys back when they are done playing with them
    Put dirty clothes into laundry hamper
    Fold clean laundry and put away clean clothes
    Help with easy food preparation
    Help set the dinner table
    Help clear the dinner table
    Make bed
    Vacuum their own room
    Feed the family pet
    Watering house plants

    Chores For Kids 18 and Under
    Chores listed above
    Put away where they belong
    Wash dishes or load dish washer
    Help prepare meals
    Take out the trash
    Help with yard work
    Do laundry
    Clean the bathroom
    Clean the kitchen
    Put away the groceries
    Vacuum common areas of the house

    One of the important things to remember when assigning chores is to make sure you properly demonstrate how to do chores when they are first learning so that they know what is expected of them. Introduce only a few chores at a time so they don't feel overwhelmed but the new jobs. As they master the chores and get into the routine of the chores, you can begin to add in a few new chores. Finally, use some fun ideas for getting kids involved with chores such as a chore chart, creative rewards, punch cards, and chore dice.

    Can you think of any age appropriate chores that you would add to this list?
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